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Скачать эмулятор ндс для андроид


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  • Эмулятор ндс скачать андроид для
  • Эмулятор ндс скачать андроид для

скачать эмулятор ндс для андроид

DraStic – это мощный и одновременно удобный эмулятор консоли Nintendo DS для Андроид устройств. Pretendo NDS is a free Nintendo DS emulator that lets you play your favorite DS games on any Android device. FEATURES: ☆ Emulates dual touchscreen. DraStic — это самый быстрый эмулятор Nintendo DS. Также, есть некоторые возможности, такие, как./

NDS Emulator - For Android 6 Screenshots

If you guys updated this and add fast forward speed, I will definitely like it and rate it in 5 stars. It also will not allow me to use save state features without the review. Pokemon roms were almost unplayable because of its slowness.

Would like to be able to play more on my s7 July 2, 89 Tabithia Moore Please Make Faster Very good to allow auto save and full input of cheats, but there is much lag that makes Pokemon Soul Silver almost unplayable. But sadly the same problem occurs.

Allow "storage" in app permission in settings. ROMs make sure you allow access to storage in app permissions.

I hope they add an action replay function though. June 27, 89 Killer Finally All the games I wanted to buy on the ds I can get them here for free thank u so much. Please help or fix it and I will rate five stars. Holding features for a certain rating is disgusting of them.

nds4droid - 4PDA

June 28, 89 FullMetal Me Most of the 5 stars are there because of the quick save function that you achieve doing it, I voted one to balance it out. They run a tiny not slow on my oneplus one but on my redmi note 3 they run perfectly even with sound turned on.

Blackmail for 5 stars is not cool. June 1, 89 Immoral Timothy Good qorks fine Depending on your hardware it can be good or bad, i have sony xperia m2 works fine for pokemon games why else July 2, 89 Dex G Was fine After 3 days it crashes more than 5 times already.

The app is only bearable due to its price tag. And please stop giving it 5 stars. I tried different pokemon roms in this emu.

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Although, performance is absolutely terrible on an S6 getting 15 fps , it does make sense though. Rating high just for the save load option.

Пользователи, скачавшие NDS Emulator, также скачивали.  Мощный эмулятор Nintendo DS для Android. Войти или Регистрация.

Issues arise when the setting menu wont appear until i reset my phone. June 10, 89 Amelia Khodeir This does not deserve the rating it has In order to unlock the quick-load feature, the thing actually asks you to give a 5 star rating. When you swap to opengl and the interpreter execution engine, the ROMs run almost flawlessly. Also missing a feature ive always loved and that is the option to speed up the emulation like a fast forward button.

July 3, 89 Dede De I had to rate 5 to unlock the quick save which is kinda bullshit Other than that it works pretty well, although the sound can get a bit glitchy June 4, 89 x9 Black Fury Best one out!!

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For all marshmallow 6. June 1, 89 John Bautista For guys having problems finding their. In truth, it performs subpar compared to other emulators, and for half the people it cant even access phone storage to find ROMS. It is very slow and didnt have any fast forward button.

Pretendo NDS Emulator

Everything is all messed up and I cannot play my pokemon games that I download! But all of them were playable in 0. I only gave it a five star so I could get the quick load and other perks for free, which is a good ploy to get starts but is bad for a real rating July 4, 89 Michelle Lee Updated Gotta be able to save!

This is not my first emulator and I know how to navigate through a file directory, but it will not go to my phone storage.


  1. Download Pretendo NDS Emulator Powerful Nintendo DS emulator for Android. Pretendo NDS Emulator is a Nintendo DS emulator for Android that lets you.

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